Fun and Profit with Garage Sales

Garage Sale!

Photo courtesy of Dean Causer How many times have you seen those large poster boards hanging at street corners pointing the way to the great American weekend pass time -- garage sales? If I’ve got nothing to do, I can’t resist hanging a left and slowly driving past the driveway covered in … [Read more...]

Taming the Garage Clutter Monster

Cat fighting Garage Clutter monster A

As parents, we love our children and it’s only natural that we love to delight them by bringing home lots of toys and goodies. However, if you're like me, you see them play with a new toy a few times, then off to the garage it goes! There are so many tiny cars, rocking horses, sandboxes, train … [Read more...]

LEGOs, Trains and Planes. Oh My!

Kid In Clutter

    Kid In Clutter   Help! My child is drowning in all the clutter in his room! Enter the door, take a sharp left at the fort made of old blankets, hop over the galactic Lego outpost, proceed carefully over the foot-tall pile of books until you see a pillow covered in stuffed … [Read more...]