What’s new in social media

Have you ever used your smartphone to make a purchase? What about tracking down the nearest Starbucks or gas station? Mobile commerce and tablets are two technology trends that are converging with, and changing social media. For example, with eBay Classifieds’ augmented reality app, you can … [Read more...]

Adding LinkedIn and Facebook Send to eBay Classifieds

My Profile Social Networks Section

In our efforts to make classifieds even more social, we've introduced more sharing options and the ability to link your eBay Classifieds account with your LinkedIn account. Recently we added sharing and account linking with Twitter to our earlier additions of sharing, liking, connecting, and … [Read more...]

Savvy Garage Sale Tips

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It’s that time of year and garage sales are popping up across the country. Families are cleaning out their homes, getting rid of winter items and looking for a fresh start to summer. Do you thrive on the excitement of hosting a garage sale, including bargaining with potential buyers? Or are you up … [Read more...]

Elevate your job or recruitment search with social media (and eBay Classifieds)

This month USA Today featured an article stating that job seekers, particularly college graduates, are enhancing their job search through the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Job seekers are using social channels to both inform and extend their search, while employers are enhancing … [Read more...]

Facebook Connect enhances eBay Classifieds experience!


Here at eBay Classifieds we’re always looking at ways of improving the buyer and seller experience while remaining friendly and local. With Facebook Connect we believe we’ve done just that. Facebook Connect brings several benefits to our classifieds buying and selling experience. For … [Read more...]