Finding popular goods for less

Find popular items on eBay Classifieds - for less!

As 2011 begins, many families are looking to find some gadgets and items to start off the New Year with. Thinking of buying an iPhone to connect with friends? What about a new couch and TV to update the look of your living room or a treadmill to get started on your New Year’s resolution of getting … [Read more...]

Staying Organized During the School Year – Let eBay Classifieds Help

Piano lessons, Karate lessons, ballet lessons - lots to do!

Precision strategic planning is all it takes to get kids to school on time, to music lessons, karate lessons, tutors, play dates and games while you are juggling work, kids, grocery stores, house cleaning, laundry and perhaps, dare I say it, a social life. How to keep all the balls in the air? Along … [Read more...]

Updated eBay Classifieds iPhone Apps Now Available

eBay Classifieds Pets app home screen

We continue to enhance our iPhone apps based on your feedback. I'm happy to announce that the latest updates have been approved by Apple and are now available in the App Store. eBay Classifieds Pets iPhone App: The eBay Classifieds Pets iPhone app has recently been modified to ensure the … [Read more...]

Post Your Ad Using eBay Classifieds iPhone App

eBay Classified iPhone app

You’re out camping for the last time this summer and you want to sell your tent now on eBay Classifieds because next year you’re moving on up to a two-room five-person tent so you can spread out. Knowing a picture is worth a thousand words, you take lots of pictures of your current tent in the … [Read more...]

Business Trip Blues

Cold Arm

Nothing breaks my heart more than having to say good bye to my 4-year-old son Jack before I leave for a business trip. The pictures and videos on my iPhone and laptop can never replace the touch of his little hand on my arm. Luckily, technology these days can make the separation a little more … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds iPhone App Version 1.0.2 Update Now Available

Al Kaline Ad

One of my favorite responsibilities here at eBay Classifieds is mobile app development. It's with great pleasure that we're announcing the release of the eBay Classifieds iPhone app version 1.0.2 - now available in the App Store. While the main focus of this release was to fix iOS4 … [Read more...]

Top Recommended Family-Friendly iPhone Apps

To celebrate the launch of Kijiji’s new free iPhone application, which allows anyone to search local classified ads, reply to listings and post items on the go, we asked some of our favorite iPhone-loving mommy bloggers to share the apps that make their lives as busy moms a little easier. Our … [Read more...]