Chocolate and flowers? You can do more this Valentine’s Day.


Mark your calendar and set up an alert on your phone - Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to figure out some gift ideas. Sure, you can’t go wrong with chocolate and flowers, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. What can you get your sweetheart that is special, yet … [Read more...]

Upcoming events with eBay Classifieds: Come and meet us

Part of what makes eBay Classifieds such a great fit for community building is the ability to meet people face to face, whether it’s mom-to-mom sales, shared interest in hobbies or a love for pets. In the next few weeks, we’ll be on location at events in Houston and Atlanta. We love to meet … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds iPhone App Version 1.0.2 Update Now Available

Al Kaline Ad

One of my favorite responsibilities here at eBay Classifieds is mobile app development. It's with great pleasure that we're announcing the release of the eBay Classifieds iPhone app version 1.0.2 - now available in the App Store. While the main focus of this release was to fix iOS4 … [Read more...]

Adopt a Cat This Month

June is  Adopt a Cat Month, and felines in need of loving homes are everywhere. You see a kitten that needs a home and your kids start pleading to take one or two of those little calico balls o’ fur home. Your heart skips a beat –  they are awfully cute, maybe it’s time for the kids to have … [Read more...]