Introducing A New Child Into A Household With Pets

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Photo courtesy of Angie Domichel If you’ve seen our new eBayClassifieds Pets app, then you may be as obsessed with finding a new pet as I am. For all of you parents-to-be out there who are considering it, you must be pondering the question of how it will all work out. Before Jack was born, we … [Read more...]

Rock A Bye Safety

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Source: Your baby’s crib is the place you lay your most precious bundle to sleep -- other than being cradled in your arms, the next safest place for babies should be in their cribs. eBay Classifieds is a great place to buy or sell … [Read more...]

Baby on Board

  A recent survey from Kijiji found that the average American parents spent $2,577 on baby-related items when their child was born. Additionally, the survey found that nearly four in five parents (77%) said that after their child was born, their baby accumulated more stuff in a year than they … [Read more...]