Organizing for Back to School

Organized Desk

This is a guest post by our eBay Classifieds Ambassador and Professional Organizer Monica Friel. @chaostoorder The kids will soon be heading back to school (if they haven’t already started) and now is a great time to get organized. Before the start of the school year, it's important to have … [Read more...]

Fun and Profit with Garage Sales

Garage Sale!

Photo courtesy of Dean Causer How many times have you seen those large poster boards hanging at street corners pointing the way to the great American weekend pass time -- garage sales? If I’ve got nothing to do, I can’t resist hanging a left and slowly driving past the driveway covered in … [Read more...]

Taming the Garage Clutter Monster

Cat fighting Garage Clutter monster A

As parents, we love our children and it’s only natural that we love to delight them by bringing home lots of toys and goodies. However, if you're like me, you see them play with a new toy a few times, then off to the garage it goes! There are so many tiny cars, rocking horses, sandboxes, train … [Read more...]

Gardening on a Time Crunch

planter boxes

Our backyard is the scene of some pretty crazy stuff! We have birthday parties, barbecues, a trampoline and plenty of space for my son Jack and me to dig for worms. While I love the idea of a big garden,especially smelling fragrant flowers and watching butterflies and humming birds fluttering … [Read more...]

Visiting Your Local Farmers Market


We’re all about connecting with our local communities here at eBay Classifieds, since we’ve got local sites in over 270 cities across the country. One of our favorite community activities in the summer is visiting your local farmers market. •   Strolling up and down the aisles taking in … [Read more...]

Moving Can Be A Trip!


Roughly 16.7 million American households move each year, and around half of those do so in the summer months, which means we’re in the middle of prime moving season for families. As I started cleaning my empty old house during my recent move, I realized my car keys were in a box with all the junk … [Read more...]

Holiday Decluttering Tips

The holiday season is a joyous time for all, but seasonal stresses like creating a budget for holiday gifts and finding the time and space to organize a holiday gathering can quickly turn even the jolliest of characters into the Grinch. Kijiji, eBay’s, free, family-friendly, safe and local … [Read more...]

Fall Cleaning Tips from Kijiji

As you change over your wardrobe due to cooler temperatures, you also need to prepare your home for seasonal changes. With fall in full swing, consumers are packing up the outdoor patio furniture and pulling out the warm winter blankets.  While you may not think of it, fall provides the … [Read more...]

Are You a Packrat? Spring Cleaning Tips from Kijiji

  Spring is in full swing and many people are thinking about dusting off the cobwebs and giving their home a good cleaning.  In addition to dusting and scrubbing, now is the perfect time to declutter and organize your home. A survey commissioned by Kijiji found that the average household has … [Read more...]