Top 5 Wineries in California

Beaulieu Vineyards 1 - Erik Wait

California is full of luxurious wineries ranging in areas including the Central Valley, Bay Area (Napa and Sonoma) and even Southern California. eBay Classifieds can help you find the perfect supplies for your wine tasting adventure and even a place to stay if you love California so much! When … [Read more...]

Activities for Thanksgiving 2013


After you have consumed several servings of turkey, stuffing, graving and pie, now what are you going to do? There's are many things you can do for entertainment on Thanksgiving that can involve the whole family and your loved ones: Thanksgiving Day Parade: Since 1948, families have been … [Read more...]

Alternative Activities for Halloween

hocus pocus

Ghosts and goblins, thugs and candy thieves, and door-to-door begging -- oh my! This may not be an ideal way for your children to spend an evening, even if it is Halloween. If you’re looking for some alternative ways to spend this Halloween, we’ve come up with some ideas that will keep your … [Read more...]

How to move – an infographic

eBay Classifieds How to infographic

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. And if you are trying to move from one side of the country to another,the stress grows exponentially. Think about it: you've got to pack your stuff (making sure to carefully wrap all the things that might break), ship it, unpack it, … [Read more...]

Meet Lisa Zaslow, an organizational expert changing how we live and work

This week’s installment of eBay Classifieds ambassador profiles comes from Lisa Zaslow, an organizational expert and Founder of Gotham Organizers in New York City. Lisa is a sought-after organizational expert who helps increase productivity and reduces stress caused by organizational issues for … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s Twitter Chat: Tips to Go Green this Summer

Please join us tomorrow, Tuesday May 17, for our next Twitter Chat. From 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT to 9:30 pm ET/6:30 pm PT, we will be discussing how to go green this summer with Sommer Poquette of Green & Clean Mom. We’re excited to share tips on how families can be more environmentally … [Read more...]

The Evolution of the Digital Camera

We love our gadgets here at eBay Classifieds. Especially digital cameras. After all, what better way to post pictures of the things you put in your classifieds ad? But sometimes it’s hard to remember that the everyday technology we know and love would have been inconceivable even a quarter of a … [Read more...]

Awesome Ways to Repurpose Your Old Electronics

We here at eBay Classifieds don’t really believe in just throwing out your old stuff. It can always be used by someone. And in the case of these awesome projects, that someone could be you. Just don’t forget to unplug everything, and be sure you know what you’re doing before you leap into … [Read more...]

Holiday decorating and entertaining without the stress

Easy decorations for the holidays

We love lots of company. Four kids running around plus their friends and our friends popping in and out means our home is pretty much like a party all the time. Although Halloween is our favorite holiday, entertaining and decorating for the upcoming holiday season is starting to get very … [Read more...]

Labor Day Pool, Picnic & BBQ

Pool Party!

Officially, Labor Day is meant to celebrate the men and women upon whose back and hard work our great country was built. Unofficially, Labor Day’s the end of summer, start of school year and our last chance to party in warm weather!. Because this is a chock-full blown-out weekend, I plan each day … [Read more...]