Buying a Car Via Classifieds


These days there are many ways that you can buy your next vehicle, but have you ever thought about buying one through a classifieds ad? Buying a car through classifieds is a bit different than going to a car dealership, so there are different steps that you should take when considering this route. … [Read more...]

The Classifieds Entrepreneur


In this technological age, it’s easy to put in a day’s work without leaving the comfort of your computer chair, and that’s especially true for a new kind of businessperson, called the “classifieds entrepreneur.” With the right eye, proper knowledge, and a creative mindset, these … [Read more...]

Hunting for a Summer Job


The school year is coming to a close and graduation season is upon us, which means many students may be on the hunt for a summer job. Searching may sound like a daunting task, however with a few simple tricks you (or a family member) may be surprised!   First off, consider what businesses are … [Read more...]

Savvy Garage Sale Tips

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It’s that time of year and garage sales are popping up across the country. Families are cleaning out their homes, getting rid of winter items and looking for a fresh start to summer. Do you thrive on the excitement of hosting a garage sale, including bargaining with potential buyers? Or are you up … [Read more...]

DIY gift ideas using items found on eBay Classifieds

Making holiday gifts is a tradition for many families. When you receive a handmade gift, you know the creator truly had you in mind. Thinking it’s a great idea to make your own gifts this year? Armed with a few ideas, a little time and searching eBay Classifieds, save some cash and make your … [Read more...]

Don’t procrastinate for the top toys of holiday 2010

Don't procrastinate finding top toys of the season

After running around town franticly looking for a little fur ball last year, you fervently vowed upon you aching feet and sore back your shopping would be completed before the first week of December this year. However, Black Friday has come and gone, life got in the way and you still have a full … [Read more...]

eBay Classifieds – Your go-to resource for all thing winter

Use eBay Classifieds to find snow removal services

A winter wonderland is fabulous until a Sunday night storm roars through leaving 2 feet of snow on your driveway and you need to be at work by 8 a.m. While beautiful to look at and fun to play in, clearing a driveway with 24 inches of snow is a time-consuming job. eBay Classifieds is not only … [Read more...]

Keeping busy inside when it’s cold outside

Keeping busy when it's too cold to go outside

While freezing wind whistles through the trees and sleet and snow make traveling beyond the front door dicey, it is the perfect time to hunker down and enjoy the great indoors. While the prospect of keeping kids inside for any length of time may be a terrifying, detailed planning can assuage … [Read more...]

Tips for finding and giving away items for free

Golden spike National Historic Site, Utah Winter Steam Festival Free days

From mommy bloggers at the BlogHer conference raking in vendor giveaways to movie stars loving their swag from special events, from receiving free pencils from politicians to those looking to be more eco-conscious, everybody loves free stuff! Where and how to get it? Free stuff can be good for … [Read more...]

Holiday decorating and entertaining without the stress

Easy decorations for the holidays

We love lots of company. Four kids running around plus their friends and our friends popping in and out means our home is pretty much like a party all the time. Although Halloween is our favorite holiday, entertaining and decorating for the upcoming holiday season is starting to get very … [Read more...]