Buying a Car Via Classifieds


These days there are many ways that you can buy your next vehicle, but have you ever thought about buying one through a classifieds ad? Buying a car through classifieds is a bit different than going to a car dealership, so there are different steps that you should take when considering this route. … [Read more...]

The Potential Roommate Cast of Characters

Searching for a roommate can be a difficult, and interesting task, but placing a free classifieds ad online could help you find exactly what you are looking for. There are many characteristics a potential roommate could have, but make sure when searching and interviewing that you avoid characters … [Read more...]

See Spot Solve


Just about every dog owner boasts that his or her pet is the cutest, smartest, most loving animal on the planet. Put your claims of intelligence to the test with the following exercises, grouped into two separate test sessions. It’s best to use your own dog that is at least 12 months old and … [Read more...]

Picking the Perfect Pet


Choosing the right pet is an important decision, but it can also be a difficult one. Certain types of pets may fit your lifestyle better than others, there are plenty of dogs for sale on eBay Classifieds for the adventurous active lifestyle. The infographic below is meant to help you do just that, … [Read more...]

The Classifieds Entrepreneur


In this technological age, it’s easy to put in a day’s work without leaving the comfort of your computer chair, and that’s especially true for a new kind of businessperson, called the “classifieds entrepreneur.” With the right eye, proper knowledge, and a creative mindset, these … [Read more...]

Vintage Car Sales At Modern Prices


Car classifieds are a great way to save money the next time you want to purchase a vintage vehicle. Find an amazing old Barracuda, Charger, or Camaro for less than the car show boasts! Read the infographic below to find out the average classifieds price for these vintage vehicles, and the world's … [Read more...]

A Visual Guide to NYC’s Neighborhoods

If you've ever dreamed of living in a New York city apartment, you've wondered which neighborhood would suit you best. From the Sex in the City chic areas, to the classy end where Trump reigns, New York has many diverse sections that should be considered. Read the following infographic to find out … [Read more...]

New York Living: How Does It Compare To International Standards

Living in New York is an experience everyone fantasizes about, because it's the last frontier for fun! Singles, young marrieds, and even older successful types all enjoy the fruits of the boroughs. Think you know New York as well as Snooki knows the Jersey Shore? Test Your knowledge of New York City … [Read more...]

Introducing the Google +1 Button on eBay Classifieds

Google Plus One on View Ad Page

Earlier today Google announced that release of the +1 button for websites. Since eBay Classifieds has been busy integrating Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we thought it only right that we add the Google +1 button straightaway. The +1 button now appears on every eBay Classifieds ad. Now you can … [Read more...]

Adding LinkedIn and Facebook Send to eBay Classifieds

My Profile Social Networks Section

In our efforts to make classifieds even more social, we've introduced more sharing options and the ability to link your eBay Classifieds account with your LinkedIn account. Recently we added sharing and account linking with Twitter to our earlier additions of sharing, liking, connecting, and … [Read more...]