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Happy HOWL-ween Dog Treats

teen wolf dog costume

Even our furry friends deserve a little fun on Halloween! Whether it's dressing up in costumes, enjoying delicious and pet-safe treats, watching scary movies, or howling at the moon (or the phone ringing), there's plenty for a pet to do to celebrate the spooky holiday! Here are a few safety tips … [Read more...]

An Alternative Wedding at the Academy of Sciences

Academy of Sciences Ceremony

Trying to plan a wedding yourself can be really difficult. What colors? What accents? What centerpieces? Where should you have it? Who to invite? What to say? The list goes on and on. Brides and grooms want a unique, special occasion that truly celebrates their love for one another, but sometimes it … [Read more...]

6 Facts About Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong Word Cloud

The internet has been abuzz with discussion and sadness for the loss of our famed astronaut Neil Armstrong. He passed away last year around this time, on August 25th, 2012. Neil Armstrong was a great scientific mind, and he made history when he was the first man to walk on the moon. He received his … [Read more...]

Trend | Luxury Dog Spa Treatments

Dogs can get spa treatments to

As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. No matter how hard a day we have, no matter how many arguments, disappointments and problems befall us during the day, there’s no better pick-me-up than coming home to squeeze a joyful ball of fur. How can we thank our dogs for always being there, … [Read more...]

Air Travel with Pets

Dog traveling with suitcase

When going on a trip, it can be hard to imagine leaving our best furry (or feathered) friends behind at home. If you’re not enthused at the prospect of leaving your pet at home or in a pet hotel, you can always bring them along with you! It requires a lot of forward planning, but as long as … [Read more...]