Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

easter basket ideas for adults

A basket full of treasures is part of what makes Easter special. Easter baskets are fun for both adults and children, and their contents are usually rich in tradition. Children usually receive a few small toys, marshmellow treats, chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans. But these treats aren’t as appealing to adults. Here are some ideas to help you fill an adult Easter basket.






Easter Basket Ideas for Women:

-          Gift Certificates

A gift certificate to her favorite store is one way spice up this year’s Easter basket.

-          Lotion, Bubble bath, and Body Wash

You can get sweet-smelling lotions and bubble bath in most places, including your local dollar store.

-          Delicious Cookies and Chocolates

Leave the cheap snacks for kids, stuff adult Easter baskets with more expensive treats.

-          Makeup

The compact nature of lipsticks, blushes, nail polish, and eye makeup allow you to throw in a bunch of these items. If you’re unsure of what colors to select, throw in several different colors; one of them should suit her.

-          Honey-Do Cards

Give her a stack of cards she can trade in for massages, home repairs, baby-sitting services, and other service-oriented treats.

-          Jewelry Eggs

Could you imagine the joy of opening up a cheap plastic egg, only to find a beautiful necklace, set of earrings, or ring inside? We can.

-       Traditional, Home-Made Easter Treats

Traditional Easter treats are full of saturated fats, dyes, and sugars. Create some healthy, holiday-inspired treats, and re-make those traditional, but unhealthy, chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks.

-       Electronic and Electronic Accessories

There are many small-size electronics that will fit nicely in a basket – electronic readers, tablets, and even cell phones are perfect Easter treats.

Easter Basket Ideas for Men:

-          Golf, Tennis or Handballs

Only for golf, handball or tennis players. If there is room, you might be able to fit a football in your basket.

-          Pro-Game Tickets

A pair of tickets to the game will be the highlight of this Easter.

-          Electronic Accessories

Video games, console controllers, cell phone chargers and cases are just some of the accessories that will fit perfectly in a basket.

-          High-quality Chocolates

Skip the cheap, kiddie chocolates and opt for the good stuff.

-          T-shirts and Socks

You can never have too many Tees and socks. Men always seem to need more.

-          Honey-Do Cards

Let the men cash in on some services. Feel free to use your creativity here; these cards could be good for anything from meals to date nights.