Staying Warm in the Winter


As many of you have noticed on your Facebook news feeds, Twitter walls and hopefully the news, 49 states in the US have suffered from bone chilling cold weather so far this year. The extreme drop in temperature have been due to the polar vortex sending almost the entire US into a freeze (except for California – lucky ducks!).

By now you are probably wondering how you can stay warm when this type of decrease in temperature occurs.

1. Hats and socks! You may have heard many times that you lose most of your body heat through your head and your feet. Well, this is true! You can also layer your clothing, which is convenient when running errands or just lazing around the house during the day. Try wear wool socks or leggings when you are layering your clothes and always wear boots when you leave the house. Uggs may seem like the perfect choice of boot because they are furry, soft and warm,  but avoid wearing these in the snow. You will end up with cold, wet and soggy boots and won’t be a happy camper. Stick to rubber soled boots that are tall and can keep that snow or ice out.

2. Take a hot bath. Not only are baths relaxing, but they also warm you up for a considerable amount of time during the day. They also help to release tension in your body if this cold weather has got you stressed out.

3. Get out and get moving! Yes it is freezing outside, but moving your body will get your heart rate going and warm you up in no time. Plus, once you get back home, it will feel even warmer inside and decrease the chances of you cranking up the heater right away.

4. Consume warm foods! Nothing is more fun than cooking up some warm cocoa or trying a new tea in an adorable mug. Why don’t you bring out that crock pot you’ve been storing in your kitchen pantry for months and try out some warm and hearty recipes?

5. Draw your curtains during the day. Closing the curtains throughout the day can keep the warm in and the cold outside where it belongs. You don’t wan to turn your heater on for no reason, right? Purchasing thermal curtains will help insulate your home with their heat locking technology and multi-layer fabric.

Good luck and stay warm out there! 

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