5 Top Things to do in Buenos Aires


Summer in Argentina begins in early December.  In fact, the swallows have already begun their annual migration from Southern California to Argentina to take advantage of the warm weather. If you’re looking to vacation somewhere with a temperate climate, consider a trip to Buenos Aires! Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic, colorful, extravagant and marvelous cities of Latin America–an immense city that amazes its visitors at every corner.  It’s a city that knew, over the course of history, how to perfectly adapt to the changing times without losing sight of its historical imprint and traditional charm of yesteryear.

If you are thinking of traveling to Buenos Aires and don’t want to leave anything to chance, and if you want to delve into those magical places that postcards speak of, then make sure you read this article.

While working with our sister site alaMaula, we managed to compile a rich list of  the top 5 things to do in Buenos Aires below:

1. Palermo: Palermo is one of the most fun districts in all of Buenos Aires–a place where you’ll find the best bars, restaurants and shops to spend an incredible evening. Everything in Palermo can be found within reach without traveling more than a few blocks.  This exclusive and select neighborhood is also one of the best places to find accommodations. Some of the captivating things that await you in Palermo include Serrano Square, with its traditional, colorful crafts; the Botanical Gardens, a green space in the middle of the city and Palermo Forest, both ideal places to relax while picnicking under the sun; the beautiful boardwalk of the northern coast.

2. Puerto Madero: The entrance to Puerto Madero is designated by a landmark of architectural history: Women’s Bridge (Puente de la Mujer).  It’s a must-see point of interest, which for some locals represents a woman dancing tango on the water in a magical way. One of the most fascinating attractions of Puerto Madero, in addition to the vast range of dining on the river, is the Ecological Reserve, a peaceful haven, the largest in Buenos Aires. It’s a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. La Boca: A visit here is more than obligatory.  Without doubt, La Boca symbolizes the deepest heart of the culture of Buenos Aires and has its fullest expression in the tango, the music of lament and nostalgia that characterizes and distinguishes these parts. It’s a very colorful and picturesque neighborhood, located right next to the old port of Buenos Aires, a neighborhood that clings to its ancient traditions and resists the modern changes of history. To experience the essence of Buenos Aires up close, a stroll through La Boca is irreplaceable. Caminito, a bona fide open-air museum of tango and an art market offering the most varied and colorful locally produced items, Caminito is the most interesting tourist attraction of La Boca .

4. San Telmo : Similar to La Boca, San Telmo is also a very traditional and legendary neighborhood, though it’s a bit more exclusive and affluent . It’s the oldest residential area in Buenos Aires and exudes a very peculiar historical ambience that transports the visitor back to the early nineteenth century

5. Tigre:  This beautiful and colorful city located on the banks of the Parana River Delta offers visitors hundreds of options for an unforgettable day outdoors with its unique Art Museum, its Fruit Market and its boat tours .

Why wait to start exploring this city of magic and enchantment? Buenos Aires awaits you!  From the travel or turismo section of alaMaula, you can discover hundreds of fabulous things so that the trip of your dreams comes true today .

A viajar!

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