Activities for Thanksgiving 2013


After you have consumed several servings of turkey, stuffing, graving and pie, now what are you going to do? There's are many things you can do for entertainment on Thanksgiving that can involve the whole family and your loved ones: Thanksgiving Day Parade: Since 1948, families have been … [Read more...]

5 Top Things to do in Buenos Aires


Summer in Argentina begins in early December.  In fact, the swallows have already begun their annual migration from Southern California to Argentina to take advantage of the warm weather. If you’re looking to vacation somewhere with a temperate climate, consider a trip to Buenos Aires! Buenos … [Read more...]

Human Foods Your Dog Can/Cannot Eat


We all love our furry friends, especially here at eBay Classifieds, so we must be informed on how to keep them safe. This includes, being aware of the foods that we eat in the sight of our four legged friends. Are you aware of the foods you need to keep away from your dog and what foods are okay to … [Read more...]

How to Master Holiday Shopping 2013


Guess what time it is? It's holiday time, which means it's time to shop! How will you organize your shopping this year? Facts to prepare you for your holiday shopping: 13.6 million Americans still haven’t paid off debt related to last year’s winter holidays. Do you have this issue … [Read more...]