How to Dress for Autumn 2013


Autumn is one the most popular times to dress up. Scarves, boots, thick socks and fashionable jackets with adorable buttons; what will you buy this season to survive the crisp Autumn air?

The top things to consider when dressing for Autumn are:

-          Earth tones. Each season has specific color tones to match the mood of the weather and Autumn is all about neutral tones. Green, brown, dark orange and beige. These are all perfect colors for this season and even the upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving.

insta2-          Wear layers. The mornings are cold, but in the afternoon the sun may come out and you don’t want to be stuck with an outfit that is not flexible with the ever changing daily climate. Layers can begin with a simple tank top, topped with a long sleeve and a light jacket that is not too heavy or hot. You can also add in a light scarf that can be worn in the office during your work day.

Just remember:

  • Wear light sweaters
  • Have tank tops handy
  • Purchase light scarves

-          Add a hat! Hats are perfect for Autumn because the weather is cool enough that you won’t overheat. Plus, if the mornings are slightly drizzly, then you can protect your hair from becoming a ball of frizz.

insta3-          Flannels! Did you know that flannels are in style for Autumn? Flannels come in all different colors (reds, blues, greens) and go with any type of style. Flannels can be found in any form of clothing: skirts, shirts, sweaters and accessories. These are perfect for layering (see below picture).

-          Dress up your outfit with jewelry. Large necklaces such as an over-sized pearl necklace, a chunky rhinestone pendant or chunky ring can excite your neutral earth tones. 

insta6-          Boots + Socks. Autumn is the perfect time to bring out those boots you have been waiting to wear all year. You can match a tall pair of boots with colored socks that peek out of the top of the boot.

-          Blazers and Leather Jackets. For Autumn this year, buy a blazer or leather jacket. Blazers are perfect for Autumn since you can dress them up or down. You can wear layers under them, wear them to your office job or wear them out to a nice dinner. Leather jackets can pair well with a lace top or dress. They are a great piece of clothing because they keep the cold out while maintaining an edgy look.



Photo Credit: Danielle Wallis, more pictures on Fall Fashion can be viewed here.

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