Happy HOWL-ween Dog Treats

Even our furry friends deserve a little fun on Halloween! Whether it’s dressing up in costumes, enjoying delicious and pet-safe treats, watching scary movies, or howling at the moon (or the phone ringing), there’s plenty for a pet to do to celebrate the spooky holiday!

Here are a few safety tips to keep fido at his best:

- Keep your dog away from chocolate. It’s poisonous!
- Don’t feed your dog sugary candy meant for humans. Instead, make her some delicious dog treats!
- Be careful when taking your pup trick-or-treating with neighborhood kids. The frenzied activity and excited loud tones and crowds can spook him, making him feel defensive or aggressive.

Try different, healthy recipes, as featured in our infographic, to keep your dog full and happy on halloween.

eBay Classifieds Spooky Dog Snacks
eBay Classifieds Spooky Dog Snacks is an infographic that was produced by eBay Classifieds



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