Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

We have officially begun the month of October, meaning Halloween is almost here! You know what that means? Sasquatch and werewolves will be abound, parading down Main Street, scaring us half to death. But we will fight back as Dracula and zombies that stalk the streets of our neighborhoods and beg perfect strangers for candy.

Just because Halloween was designed for greedy humans with a voracious sweet-tooth, doesn’t mean our animal friends shouldn’t join the fun. Just make sure the costume makes him look mean so he can protect you from candy bandits. You can make your costumes out of materials around your house, or hunt down the perfect costume in our pet accessories categories.

Here are our favorite Halloween costumes for dogs:

10. We love this Skywalker (or Dog Walker) AT-AT Costume. See what a little ingenuity and a dog with skinny, long legs can get you.


9. Halloween is never complete without a “Where’s Waldo?” costume. 

dog aldo

 8. Okay, it is another Star Wars costume, but a true eighties baby will love dressing up their pet as Yoda. “A dog, I am!” 

yoda dog

7.  Another 80′s classic – Teen Wolf. Totally befitting!

teen wolf dog costume

 6. We knew that cat was trouble from the beginning! Good thing we have our police dog to handle things around here. 

catanddog hallowen

5. Little girls love to be princesses, so of course your little lady dog has that dream too! 

princess dog

4. Or maybe your little pup really loves Disney.


3. Everyone needs a superhero to save the day!

dog heroes

2. This hot dog looks dog-licious! 

hot dog

1. Candy bandits need not come close! This dog dressed up as a dinosaur will keep all at bay!

dinoaur dog


Don’t have a four legged friend this Halloween? Find yourself one today at your nearest shelter.

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