Boo at the Zoo, ZooLights & Zoovie Night – The Oakland Zoo Adventure

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Recently, the eBay Classifieds team visited the Oakland Zoo in California to explore what they had to offer, other than adorable giraffes, elephants and tigers! The team discovered that the Oakland zoo has a lot more going on than just visiting animals; there are weekly events that get their visitors engaged. Three upcoming events at the Oakland Zoo worth sharing about include Boo at the Zoo and ZooLights as well as a reoccurring event called Zoovie Nights.

Boo_at_the_Zoo_iconBoo at the Zoo is an annual Halloween event that takes place at the Oakland Zoo. Dress up in your most fantastic Halloween costume and take part in the parade. Activities that take place during Boo at the Zoo include visiting the animals, face painting and making treats for the animals. Kids that show up in costume can receive a free ride ticket for the spooky boo train. Boo at the Zoo takes place on October 26th and October 27th from 10:00am-3:00pm. The event is included with regular zoo admission ($8).

The second event that the team found interesting was ZooLights. You would think that by this title the zoo is bedazzled with thousands of lights – well you’re correct! The Oakland Zoo is lit up by thousands of LED lights that brighten up the Oakland skies. ZooLights begins on November 29th and continues until January 5th, 2014 (the park is closed on December 24th and 25th).

A reoccurring event at the Oakland Zoo that caught our attention is the Zoovie Nights. Tired of visiting an ordinary movie theater where people chew popcorn loudly in your ear? You can visit the Oakland Zoo from 6:30pm-9:30pm on select Friday and Saturday nights of each month throughout the year. Each video showing is animal-related, usually a popular children’s movie i.e. Madagascar, Ice Age and Charlotte’s Web.  Wearing your PJs and bringing your pillows is welcome and snacks are provided. Along with watching the movie, you can also meet some of the smaller animals before the movie begins.

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Not going to lie, we still had some fun with the animals while we visited the zoo – they are all magnificent creatures to witness. For your next visit to the Zoo, whether it’s for these zoo events or just to visit the animals during the day, here are some things to buy before your next visit:

-          Sunscreen

-          Hat – Protect yourself from that sun and help avoid the heat

-          Water bottle – Always stay hydrated, especially when you’re at the zoo all day long.

-          We all love to bring our pets with us to fun places, but unfortunately only service animals are welcome to the Oakland Zoo.

-          Sturdy walking shoes – There’s nothing worse than wearing the wrong shoes to a an event that involves a lot of walking.

-          Lightweight Stroller – Find yourself a stroller that is lighter than the normal clunky one you push around all day, make this day easier on yourself.

-          Backpack (makes it easier to carry your things): Everything’s easier when you put all your stuff in a backpack. It helps distribute the weight better, making for a more enjoyable day at the zoo.

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