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Dogs can get spa treatments toAs the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. No matter how hard a day we have, no matter how many arguments, disappointments and problems befall us during the day, there’s no better pick-me-up than coming home to squeeze a joyful ball of fur. How can we thank our dogs for always being there, making our darkest times our brightest? Oh yeah – we can pamper them.

In a strange twist, people find spending money on luxury treatments for their pets more therapeutic than getting the treatments themselves! It’s become more satisfying to reward your dog for his good deeds in human ways instead of pet ways, perhaps because humans can empathize better with an experience they have context for. You may ask yourself, “How delicious could chicken flavored dog treats be?  They look so dry and sad.” Then you may think to yourself, “I know what WOULD be delicious, a nice steak. You, my friend, deserve a steak.” That feels more satisfying, because you can imagine your dog feels the same joy you do when he inhales that filet mignon. Americans spend upwards of 41 billion dollars annually on their pets; more than the GDP of many countries. What on earth do we spend it on?

Besides the obvious necessities, one trend that has been surfacing lately is the Luxury Doggie Spa. Cropping up in big cities like Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Manhattan, and San Francisco, these relaxation centers cater to the quadruped elite. With beautiful music, relaxing scents, and soft spoken staff, your dog is sure to return to you a happy camper. Doggie spas offer tons of treatments for humans to be jealous of, including doggie pilates, doggie reflexology, and doggie hair dying. Here are a few interesting treatments:

  • Berry Oatmeal & Brown Sugar Exfoliating Facials – These delicious and organic facials are gently massaged on the face and neck of your dog to soothe dry skin and open pores for good skin and shiny fur. Also, your dog’s face will smell like breakfast, which we think is a delicious plus.
  • Massage and Bodywork – These treatments are for a dog who’s always on the go. Show her how to take time and smell the bushes, and get the kinks in that tennis ball-chasing elbow worked out.
  • Treadmill Training – All this luxury could make a dog feel lazy, but luckily some spas offer treadmill lessons provided to pooches with a mind to stay in shape.
  • Mud Baths – The key to a glossy coat is an organic mud bath, to heal the hair follicles and moisturize them, as well as detox skin. Just hope your dog avoids white carpet until she’s completely hosed off!
  • Nail Painting – The benefits of this treatment are less apparent, but there are collections of pet-safe nail polish, so there must be a demand. It is certainly eye catching, and a dog rocking a neat manicure will always be ready to paw-ty. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)


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