Memorial Day Weekend – Honoring Our Heroes

This Friday starts the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, when we remember the women and men who died while serving in the armed forces. The long weekend is a time for honoring loved ones who we have lost, reflection, relaxation, and fun. Here are some things you can do to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend:

Attend a Parade:

Many towns have parades for Memorial Day. Parades are a fun way to engage with the community around you and enjoy some food, music, and cheering!

Throw a Barbeque:

A barbeque is a great way to have a lot of friends over for a social activity, and keep things casual, while enjoying great weather. Just be sure to wear sunscreen that has UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection!

Go Shopping:

Sick of that bag? Want to update your wardrobe? Need a new refrigerator? Memorial Day sales are always a time to get great deals on anything from clothes to home appliances, so sell your old stuff and put that cash to new things!

Watch Fireworks:

A lot of sports stadiums do fireworks for Memorial Day, so catch a game and follow it up with an exciting night show! It’s a fun way to spend time with family, friends, and delicious garlic fries.

Check out a Concert:

Many local music groups put on free concerts for Memorial Day, often in public spaces like parks that accommodate crowds of people. Check your local listings and see if there are any free events in your area!