Mother’s Day – What Not to Buy Mom!

May 12th is Mother’s Day, when we celebrate the hard working women who raised us. For those of us who haven’t had a chance to buy something wonderful for Mom, time is running out! What to get her? A Spa Day? A luxury handbag? Jewelry? As it turns out, not all gifts are equal. To make sure your mother has a fabulous day, the eBay Classifieds team has decided to put out a guide for last minute shoppers of what NOT to buy for Mother’s Day.

1. A Muumuu – Mom may like to be comfortable, but don’t run the risk of buying her something that might be the wrong size…especially if it’s way too big.

2. A Pet Monkey – Having a pet monkey is getting to be really trendy these days, celebrities don’t want to be seen without them! Mom, however, is probably not going to be too happy about cleaning up after a hairy, messy monkey…no matter how cute he is when he eats a banana.

3. A New Gaming Console – The family loves video games, and mom loves the family, so mom must love games? Unless mom is a gamer too, getting her something she’ll never use is probably not going to make you look thoughtful.

4. Tools – Because nothing says ‘pamper me’ like a new set of drill bits. Mom might love fixing things around the house, but we suggest saving the tools for another occasion.

5. A Vacuum Cleaner – A vacuum cleaner or any cleaning supply really, is the ultimate in horrible Mother’s Day gifts. No matter how luxurious it is, it will probably still just remind her of chores.

At the end of the day, it’s about showing Mom you love her. As long as the focus is on making her feel special, you will make this Mother’s Day fantastic!

Photo credit: greekadman / / CC BY-NC-SA