The Impact of Organization

Recently some of our ambassadors, who are professional organizers, attended the National Association of Professional Organizers Conference (NAPO). We wanted to share their experience with you, as well as the underlying conference theme of how professional organizers are changing people’s lives on a daily basis.

Our very own ambassador, Julie Naylon, was featured during the keynote speech titled “Undercover Organizer; How successful Organizers Operate” that showcased how a professional organizers’ role goes beyond putting order in a space; they also help people save time and money. What is another benefit of getting organized? It reduces stress. As Julie points out, the effect she sees in people is inspirational.

However, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to getting organized. Karen DeClark, our Michigan-based ambassador, she explains that as organizers they “listen and advocate for clients needs and goals” in the organizing process.

The benefits of getting organized extend beyond individuals. For example, by cleaning out clutter, those excess items can help those in need. Lisa Zaslow, our New York based ambassador, along with Karen, shared that they were inspired by this year’s organizing excellence in community service award. NAPO awarded Shoes4Souls, a charity that collects unwanted shoes for people in need.

We glad to hear that this year’s conference was both informative and inspiring to all the attendees! How has getting organized impacted you?