What’s new in social media

Have you ever used your smartphone to make a purchase? What about tracking down the nearest Starbucks or gas station? Mobile commerce and tablets are two technology trends that are converging with, and changing social media.

For example, with eBay Classifieds’ augmented reality app, you can hold up your mobile device and see the images pop up for local shopping so you know what’s close by and for sale. Other uses, from finding pricing and availability of items in nearby stores to building and pricing vehicles, are becoming widely available for consumers to connect and shop wherever it’s most convenient.

In addition to mobile apps, location is an emerging trend in social circles. Recently, Foursquare announced it has reached its 10 millionth user. Other location-based companies such as Gowalla and SCVNGR use game-based location for users to find and collect items as they travel. Many of these apps are available for Facebook too, and help to connect friends to build a network for the user and the platform.

Speaking of Facebook, some social media users are beginning to experience social media overload. Sites such as Path and GroupMe are promoting the fact that their users can only connect to a limited number of
others, creating a smaller, more intimate social network.

Of course, if you want to reach a broader audience, Facebook is very useful. With eBay Classifieds, ads can be shared on Twitter and Facebook so the person selling items can reach a larger audience through their connections to increase their chances for a

Another area that continues to grow through the use of social media is video. Everyone from individuals to corporations are using video and posting it online, sharing it through sites like YouTube and Vimeo and then posting to blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Whichever social network you prefer and whichever device you access your profiles from, social media continues to evolve with more features, more apps and more choices so you can choose how and where you make connections.

What are your favorite social media features?