Meet Amy Oztan, a blogger with a killer sense of humor

This week’s installment of eBay Classifieds ambassador profiles comes from Amy Oztan, blogger extraordinaire from

As you may know, these ambassadors are savvy business women that provide insights into a variety of topics including parenting, home organization, technology tools, making extra money and running a household – and Amy is no
exception. Beyond sharing their expertise and personal experiences, they also work with us to provide feedback on the site and useful tips on how to use classifieds in our everyday lives.

Amy, in no particular order, is a mother, democrat, wife, consultant, writer, vegetarian – and Founder of

Q: Why and when did you get started blogging?

A: Honestly, I fell into it without knowing what I was getting into. I started writing about my brownstone renovation five years ago on a real estate website. That writing led to an opportunity with a mom-blogging site. I didn’t know what a mom blog was and resisted for a while, but finally gave in and started producing some truly terrible writing! I’ve gotten better over the years, thankfully, and my personal blog,, has led to many freelance writing and consulting opportunities.

Q: What stands out as the best thing that’s happened as a result of your blog?

A: I could name a lot of priceless experiences – my kids got to spend a weekend with Tony Hawk, meet their favorite author Jeff Kinney and the stars of the Wimpy Kid movies, they got to meet Nick Jonas, I’ve gotten to travel all over the country having adventures…but in the end the opportunity to make money writing is the best thing. It’s something I didn’t see coming and am incredibly grateful for all of the amazing jobs coming my way.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show/magazine or news source (pick one) any why?

A: It’s hard to pick just one, but if you’re forcing me, it would have to be The Daily Show. Jon Stewart has a way of clearing out the junk and getting to the heart of something, whether he’s trying to be funny or not. If he senses you’re trying to evade a question he just doesn’t let up.

Q: How do you use eBay Classifieds? Can you provide an example of one item you bought or sold eBay Classifieds?

A: My most recent purchases on eBay Classifieds have been a really great quality treadmill and a flat panel TV to watch while I’m on that treadmill. I really love the way eBay Classifieds is laid out – the pictures and details are so easy to see if you’re browsing.

Q: What one tip would you give those trying online classifieds for the first time?

A: If you’re selling, take several pictures of the item, from different angles. If I’m going to go to you to buy an item I want to know what I’m getting before I leave the house. If you’re buying, meet in a public place, or take someone with you if the sale is happening in a private house.

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