Meet Julie Naylon, an organizational expert with an eye for the planet

 As you may have seen last week, we are featuring brief profiles of the bloggers and organizational experts that are eBay Classifieds ambassadors. These ambassadors are savvy business women that provide insights into a variety of topics including parenting, home organization, technology tools, making extra money and running a household – just to name a few.  Beyond sharing their expertise and personal experiences, they also work with us to provide feedback on the site and useful tips on how to use classifieds in our everyday lives.

Our second profile is of Julie Naylon, founder of No Wire Hangers. Her Los Angeles-based green home organizing business helps people clean out the clutter while being environmentally conscious.  Julie won “The Green Award for most Eco-friendly Organizing Service” at the 2009 Los Angeles Organizing Awards and looks to help people streamline their lives and downsize their carbon footprints.

Q: Why and when did you get started in the organization business?

A: I had some friends that were working for Oprah and in 2003 they suggested I talk with Oprah’s professional organizer, Julie Morgenstern. I’ve had a passion for organizing since I was a child and I had no idea this whole industry existed until I met Morgenstern. I freelanced for her and opened my green, home organizing business, No Wire Hangers, in 2008.

Q: What stands out as the best thing that’s happened as a result of your business?

A: The best thing about my business is seeing the difference that I am making in my clients lives. They are happy and I’m happy doing work that I love. Also, by showing  them how to be more environmentally conscious, I am helping to save the planet.

Q: When you encounter a new client, where do you start? Is it always the same process?

A: I start with a consultation. We do a walkthrough of the home and talk about the areas they would like to work on. From there we make a plan and set up time to organize together. It’s pretty much the same process, the only thing that is different is the client and their needs. Everyone is different and I love customizing my organizing to my clients specific needs.

Q: How do you use eBay Classifieds? Can you provide an example of one item you bought or sold eBay Classifieds?

A: eBay Classifieds is a staple in my business. Recently I was cleaning out a garage and had some large pieces of furniture that my clients wanted to part with. I took pictures of the items and uploaded them to eBay Classifieds “Free” section. Within minutes I had people emailing me for the items and they were picked up before I even finished the garage!

Q: What one tip would you give those trying online classifieds for the first time?

A: When buying or selling on eBay Classifieds make sure you do some research on the price. You don’t want to list the item too high or too low and you definitely don’t want to pay too much for something!

Be sure to check out Julie’s website for more information, No Wire Hangers.