Smores, tents and scary stories: What are your camping essentials?

It’s that time of year, school is almost out, days are longer and weekends are full of running through the sprinklers, BBQs and vacations. If you are the adventurous type and plan to spend your summer in the great outdoors, now is the time to get ready for the camping season. However, before you’re sitting around the campfire telling scary stories and eating smores, you need to consider all the essentials. Even the most experienced campers should take an inventory of the necessities you have, can borrow or need to purchase well in advance. Planning ahead will ensure you have everything you need to have a great trip. Below are a few ideas on what you might need to get ready for the wilderness.

  • Whether you are heading for the woods or your kids are having a sleepover in the backyard, invest in an easy to set up tent like this 3 person tent in the Detroit area.

  • Sleep (comfortably) under the stars with this camouflage print cot available in New York.
  • Have a little bigger budget to spend? Consider investing in a travel trailer like this 26ft trailer in the Chicago area. It may inspire you and your family to take impromptu weekend trips.

  • Don’t forget to bring fun activities for the whole family! Fishing can be a great way to spend time together outside, just make sure to plan ahead and get the necessary licenses or permits. Check this retractable fishing pole and tackle box in the Chicago area – perfect for packing light!

What camping item will you never leave home without?