Elevate your job or recruitment search with social media (and eBay Classifieds)

This month USA Today featured an article stating that job seekers, particularly college graduates, are enhancing their job search through the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Job seekers are using social channels to both inform and extend their search, while employers are enhancing their digital presence to attract and recruit a broad range of talent. Are you keeping up these latest tools and shifting your searching strategy?  

Whether you are looking to hire brightest talent around or on the hunt for your dream job, check out eBay Classifieds local job listings. As you browse or post ads you can share job postings across your social media channels directly from the listing, enriching the range of your job search. What jobs are you on the hunt for?  Here are a few opportunities across the country to peak your interest:

  • Enjoy hosting events down to every last detail? Consider this event producer position in Chicago
  • Do you have a passion for healthcare and children? Kaiser Permanente in Atlanta is hiring a pediatric nurse  
  • Do you specialize in energy efficiency? Check out this mechanical engineer position in San Francisco   
  • Looking for a part time job so you have time at home with your kids? Consider a this part time bank teller position in New York

Happy searching (tweeting and sharing)!