Twitter Chat: Spring Cleaning Tips and Motivation

By Jenn Padgett, Five Dollar Shake

Have you found your motivation for spring cleaning? If you were able to join us for our most recent Twitter Chat, then chances are you have. If you missed our chat, which that included great prizes and over 600 tweets of fun spring cleaning tips and motivation, I’m here to share some of the highlights.

We started the chat by asking “How do you get motivated to start spring cleaning?” Starting small works for a lot of people, so they can cross a task off the top of a to-do list, while others need to start big with their most challenging task – like the kids’ clothes and toys. Other popular answers were “rocking tunes” and “warm weather.” A little sunshine and some music can go a long way when it comes to finding motivation.

We also asked “What is the most nontraditional item you have used as a cleaning tool?” Wow, did we learn some fun and creative tricks!  Who knew laundry stain remover sticks could clean spots on carpet? Or that coffee filters work great for cleaning mirrors? Also, one of our favorite answers was that it’s “always nice to have a dog on hand to clean up spills and dropped food.” Another point for man’s best friend!

Before wrapping things up we asked, “How can you get your family involved with spring cleaning?” We have to admit, this was one of our favorite questions as it brought some pretty entertaining answers. We heard everything from sending them to the movies, to turning spring cleaning into a family day event.

When it comes to organizing, we learned you’re not messing around! We loved all of your tips on rolling instead of folding, creating new spaces, and adding labels to storage totes. Because who has time to guess what’s inside?

Selling online was another great topic during our chat. We learned that using an online site such as eBay Classifieds has helped a lot of moms as the seasons change. It’s a great place to pass along games, books and even winter coats that are no longer needed. Some participants told us the reward of the sale has helped motivate kids to do their share of spring cleaning.

We really want to thank all of who participated in our Twitter Chat: Get ready for spring cleaning! Listening to all of your cleaning, organizing and selling tips was a fun learning experience for us.

Stay tuned for updates on future chats and be sure to follow @eBayClassifieds on Twitter for additional tips and tricks throughout the season!

*Jenn Padgett, an eBay Classifieds ambassador, helped lead our Twitter Chat on spring cleaning from her personal handle @5_dollarshake. To learn more about Jenn, please visit