Need a last minute spring vacation? Hit the open road.

If you are feeling the urge to get out of town and take a last minute spring vacation, you are not alone. Take some time to recharge and spend time with the family, whether it’s a weekend trip to a neighboring town or a week long beach getaway.

On a tight budget? Considering packing up the family and hit the open road. Here are a few great tips from USA Today to help plan your spring road trip.

  • Pick a destination. Balance how much of your time you want to spend on the road with how long you want to stay in one or more spots. Half the fun of road trips is pulling off the highway and exploring unfamiliar cities and towns, but you may want to settle in at one or two locations for a few days.
  • Research unusual and offbeat U.S. attractions beforehand. You’ll probably want to visit well-known landmarks, but smaller, more obscure attractions can be just as fun.
  • Plan to pack only what you’ll need. You’ll be in the car for hours–perhaps days–at a time, so you’ll want as much leg and elbow room as possible.
  • Invest in a soft collapsible cooler. Make a shopping list for food and beverages to have on hand during your trip.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Have a mechanic give it the once-over and a tune-up. Buy an auto club membership or renew yours if it has expired. Invest in a comprehensive U.S. road atlas just in case your GPS goes on the fritz.

Where are your favorite places to visit?