5 Tips to be more productive

By Lisa Zaslow, Founder of Gotham Organizers

Do you have those crazy days where you are incredibly busy, but never end up checking items off your to do list?  You are not alone. Whether you manage a household or are an industry professional, when it comes to productivity, many of us can use a refresher on the basics.

Below are some tips to make the most out of your day. 

  • Make the effort to minimize interruptions: The average businessperson is interrupted every 8 to 9 minutes. When you really need to get something done, make yourself unavailable – no phone calls, no e-mail, no visitors.
  • Clear clutter and use your space effectively: Make some room on your desk – remove all supplies and gadgets that you don’t use every day. Take a look at the items on your bulletin board and the Post-its on your computer; throw out ancient history. Uncover your horizontal surfaces – credenzas, tables, bookshelves. Keep critical and frequently-used items and information within arms’ reach. Use a vertical step rack or a file box for “hot” files. Lastly, move your furniture and office equipment so that you can easily access the things you need.
  • Prevail over e-mail: Try to check and respond to e-mail at designated “sessions” rather than continuously throughout the day. Use a timer to manage the time you spend on e-mail; it’s too easy to get carried away. Mute the incoming mail chime to make it easier to ignore each new message.
  • Get great gear: From your letter opener to your computer, don’t tolerate products and tools that don’t work perfectly. Your briefcase/bag is like a portable office – make sure you love yours and that it works for you.
  • Make a habit of getting organized: Spend a few minutes every day to “create order from chaos” – even 5 minutes will make a difference. 15 minutes a day could transform your life. 

Comment below and share with us what tips work best for you!

*Lisa Zaslow, an eBay Classifieds Ambassador, has helped hundreds of people be more productive and less stressed by organizing their lives at work and at home. For more expert tips, please visit www.gothamorganizers.com.


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