Recreate Graceland Forever!

Thought the King of Rock was gone forever? Think again. The beauty of the internet in general and eBay Classifieds in particular is that you can use it to find real treasures and one-offs that are local to you, wherever you are in the world. That means, if the fancy takes you, you could recreate Elvis’s Graceland. We’ll show you how.

The Jungle Room

Graceland Jungle Room

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The Jungle Room is probably the most iconic room in the whole of Graceland. When you think of the decadence of Graceland, little captures it better than floor-and-ceiling green shag carpeting and an indoor waterfall. And who can forget the carved wooden furniture?

You pretty much won’t be able to find the exact same suite of furniture, but you can get a similar sofa with wood accents to make your own jungle room.

Brown leather sofa with carved wooden accents

And don’t forget the tropical plants!

Potted lily

The white living room

Graceland living room

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The living room at Graceland is a real treat: a white brocade sofa and matching armchairs, arranged around a marble coffee table, all accented with colored glass baubles and gold and royal blue trimmings. Start with the white sofa, and the rest of the living room can come to life with some well-chosen accessories.

White brocade sofa

And if you really want to recreate Graceland’s living room, add some stained glass windows that have a similar color scheme to the giant peacock glass panels Elvis had.

Blue stained glass window

The TV Room

Graceland TV Room

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If TCB is your life’s motto, you’ve got to have a TV room. This mostly involves a commitment to bold colors, matching the furniture to the mural on the wall, and having three retro TVs mounted into the wall.

Retro TV

A pink Cadillac

Graceland pink Cadillac

Elvis loved his cars and kept a fleet of them at Graceland. He actually owned two pink Cadillacs in his life – the second he bought for his mother, Gladys Presley, even though she couldn’t drive and never learned! The pink Cadillac below isn’t exactly the same as the one Elvis bought, but it is still pretty awesome.

Pink Cadillac

Vintage Elvis records

Of course, no homage to the King’s castle would be complete without some of his most famous music, some of which were recorded at Graceland. There are hundreds of classified ads selling original Elvis records and collectible items, so all you have to do is find your favorites.

Elvis Presley record

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m super-inspired to do an Elvis-themed room in my house. But do I do the elegant living room, the unforgettable Jungle Room, or maybe a different room – like the pool room, complete with Tiffany-style lamps and fabric-covered walls? How can I pick just one?


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