Safe Internet Practices for Winter Surfing

During the winter months when children are cooped up inside because of bad weather, they are more likely to spend time on the Internet than if the sun is shining and they are able to go play outside. While it might be a good way to make sure children are occupied on a snowy Sunday afternoon, how can parents ensure that the sites their children are visiting are safe, in addition to being fun?

One way is to go through a website that tests numerous products, such as PTPA. These sites can take care of the leg work for parents, and let them know that the sites their children are using are age-appropriate and safe for web-surfing.

Kid-friendly sites ensure safety on the web

We did some searching of our own and found a number of kid-friendly websites. Enjoy!

  • Story Place   – a digital library where children can listen to interactive children’s stories, participate in online activities, print out activities, reading lists and more.
  • Coloring 4 Kids  - provides interactive coloring books that children can color by clicking on areas of the pictures.
  • Rebus Rhymes  - preschoolers and kindergartners can enjoy reading along by recognizing the keywords that are illustrated by pictures. Fantastic site for parents that are teaching their child to read.
  •   – teaches your child all about animals — everything from survival habits to the weird and wacky ways of your favorite animals. Play games, get fun animal facts and learn how you can help to protect our endangered species.
  • Crayola Creativity Central   – lots of easy, kid-friendly crafts. Requires a free membership to access craft ideas.
  • Little Explorer   – Finding the meaning to words has never been so much fun with an illustrated online dictionary for young children. Each word is illustrated and used in a meaningful example sentence.
  • Learning Planet   – Fun, interactive activities to help children learn math, languages, problem solving and grammar. Learning activities for preschoolers to grade 6.
  • A Walk in the Woods   – take a walk in the woods; see nature and find out about the different types of trees and plants that live in them.
  • Kids Domain   – offer a mixture of educational and fun shareware, freeware and demos for kids. All software is recommended by families and teachers.
  • PBS Kids – Selection of fun games for young children – include learning the alphabets, numbers, adventures games and puzzles.
  • Funschool Kaboose   – All kinds of online games for kids. Some work with any browser, some use Java, Shockwave, Cocoa or Roadster. Everything from arcade games and puzzlers to multiplayer games. Child Safe Site.

What are your favorite sites for kids?