Raising funds for nonprofit donations

Want to give back this holiday season by donating to charity, but don’t have the discretionary cash to make it happen? Selling extra items from around your house is a great way to clean out clutter while raising extra money to give back to the community at the same time.

Here are a few tips on the best ways to sell your goods online:

1. Timing is everything: most sellers don’t know there are certain times of the year when classifieds sites see an uptick in traffic. January is one of these times, when many people are looking to sell gifts they received that they don’t need or duplicate items.
2. Embrace the uniqueness: Consider what you are selling – each item is unique, and discussing those points of differentiation can make all the difference.
3. Post Photos! Ads with multiple, high quality photos get a much better response rate than listings without photos. eBay Classifieds lets you add up to eight photos per listing, so make sure you use them. Take photos in good lighting, make sure you have a clean backdrop and include multiple angles.
4. Details matter: Always list as much information as you can to attract buyers and maximize your profit. For example, many people forget to include the price they spent originally and what a comparable item might cost. Seeing the value of the item might be the tipping point that persuades a buyer to purchase your item over someone else’s.
5. Go mobile: Get items online as fast as possible for buyers to snap up by using eBay Classifieds mobile applications. Photograph items with your Smartphone and post them online in a matter of seconds!

Following these simple guidelines can improve how many items you sell online, and for how much. What charity or organization are you going to donate to this holiday season?