Make holiday prepping fun for the whole family

The week before the holidays usually becomes a blur of wrapping presents, baking Christmas cookies and doing last minute cleaning and chores before relatives arrive for the holiday festivities. Many people get stressed trying to get every item checked off their to-do list, but we think there are a variety of ways to get everything done and still have everyone be in a good mood for the holidays.

Need to get some cooking and baking done this week? Why not put some aprons on the whole family and turn holiday cooking into a mini-lesson for your kids? They can help with the prep work and with any cookie decorations. The kids will have fun, learn a little bit about cooking, and your baking will get done faster with the assistance of your little helpers.

And what about cleaning the house before holiday guests arrive? Enlisting your children to pitch in makes the chores go faster, and can be turned into a game to make them enjoy cleaning. What about letting the child that does the best job on their assignments pick what they get to each for lunch that day?

The final hurdle most families face a few days before the winter holidays is getting everyone’s present wrapped. Why not turn wrapping into family bonding time? Put on your favorite holiday movie, or Christmas carols and have a family night while you wrap. Everyone can have a job, from wrapping the actual present to putting on bows or filling out tags.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make prepping for the holidays a family event, rather than a one-person stress-fest. What are some of the other ways you bring your family together to get ready for the season?