DIY gift ideas using items found on eBay Classifieds

Making holiday gifts is a tradition for many families. When you receive a handmade gift, you know the creator truly had you in mind.

Thinking it’s a great idea to make your own gifts this year? Armed with a few ideas, a little time and searching eBay Classifieds, save some cash and make your friends and relatives happy with some cheery DIY gifts. If you’re like me, I prefer quick easy projects that do not involve a sewing machine. Here are my favorites.

  1. Give the gift of music, karate or horseback riding lessons. eBay Classifieds Lesson & tutoring section has classes that will be loved long after the holidays.
  2. Rice socks. Use eBay Classifieds to find funny thick socks, fill with rice and or flaxseed (flaxseed stays warm longer), tie the end and write out instructions. One minute for warm or place in freezer a few hours for cool relief.
  3. Candles. Beautiful or fun candles are always appreciated and easy to make. Find teacups, a teapot, or other fun glass container on eBay Classifieds, melt paraffin wax, set a wick in place and “voila” – you have a personalized gift.
  4. Sweater wreath. Find different colored green sweaters/hoodies on eBay Classifieds, cut into squares, thread with strong flexible wire long enough to make a wreath size you want add a red bow.
  5. No-sew scarf. Purchase a length of your favorite colored fleece. Cut to desired width — wider for adults thinner for kids. Cut fringe at the ends, tie each fringe piece into a knot at the base of scarf, fold, wrap and give to a very lucky recipient.
  6. Sachets. eBay Classifieds clothes and accessories section has great fleece items. Cut fleece into 5-inch squares, place a half cup of potpourri in the middle, put strong fabric glue along the edges and place the other square on top. Let dry and watch the sparkle in the eyes of your friend opening your gift.

Gather all the necessary items for each project, set aside an evening and include the whole family by giving each member their own job. Folks on your gift list will love your DIY gifts and appreciate your most precious gift: your time and care to make each treasure.