Don’t procrastinate for the top toys of holiday 2010

Don't procrastinate finding top toys of the season

After running around town franticly looking for a little fur ball last year, you fervently vowed upon you aching feet and sore back your shopping would be completed before the first week of December this year.

However, Black Friday has come and gone, life got in the way and you still have a full list of gifts to buy. It’s time to put on your thinking cap instead of slipping some Dr. Scholl’s into your sneakers and heading for the mall.

The most important component of shopping strategy is the almighty list. Your list must hold the names of everyone for whom you must buy a gift and a specific gift next to each name. Do not proceed until you have this list completed. If you don’t, it will cause great anxiety and this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Although the final numbers are not in yet, the following toys are all strong contenders for being the 2010 “IT” toy of the season. If these toys are written on your list next to a special someone’s name, it’s time to start shopping.

  1. Dance Star Mickey
  2. Squinkies
  3. SingAMaJigs
  4. Nerf N-Strike Stampede
  5. Lego’s Hogwart’s Express
  6. Microsoft Kinect
  7. Toy Story 3 Big Roaring Rex
  8. Teacup Piggy
  9. Air Hogs Hawk eye radio control Video camera

10.  Elmo Live Encore

My favorite places to check for hard to find toys are eBay Classifieds, eBay and a cool site called Zoolert. eBay Classifieds is useful because the finds are local and easy to pick up. eBay has hundreds of sellers so chances are high your will find that elusive toy. Zoolert shows real time availability of toys in different stores and will alert you when a specific toy is in stock. I also enlist out-of-town relatives and friends to be on high alert for the prize toy of the season.

After the holidays, write yourself a letter to be opened next October that promises you will  start shopping early and give lots of good reasons to back it up. In the mean time, bring out the list and hit the keyboard instead of the pavement.

What are you getting your kids this year?