Keeping busy inside when it’s cold outside

Keeping busy when it's too cold to play outside

While freezing wind whistles through the trees and sleet and snow make traveling beyond the front door dicey, it is the perfect time to hunker down and enjoy the great indoors. While the prospect of keeping kids inside for any length of time may be a terrifying, detailed planning can assuage disaster.

Games, books, toys and creative activities can make time fly.

  1. Xbox, Play Station and Wii are huge favorites for kids. Many games allow multiple players and are perfect opportunities to spend time with your kids.
  2. Indoor games are plentiful whether you make them up or search the Internet. Our favorite is tabletop soccer, where all you need is a pizza box, cotton and two straws.
  3. Story time is my favorite time of day. Jack settles next to me and we usually read an old favorite like “Are You My Mother” and new books we found on eBay Classifieds.
  4. Toys that encourage imaginary play are fun. Toy trains, kitchens, cars and indoor tents all help set the stage for hours of activity.
  5. Arts and crafts aren’t limited to summer camp. Fall and winter projects are just as much fun and we have some that never seem to get old. One is tracing the kids onto long sheets of paper then coloring and decorating the images with fabric, glitter, cereal and beans. Another fun activity is gathering dry leaves, berries, twigs, evergreens and tiny pebbles then spelling out words like winter, love and Thanksgiving using our found treasures.

Winter sports are exhilarating. However, indoor games and activities can be as much fun and can also afford opportunities to connect with loved ones in a quiet and meaningful way.

What is your favorite indoor kid’s game?