Staying Safe on eBay Classifeds

As more and more people dive in to the World Wide Web every day, for a myriad reasons, we at eBay Classifieds want to make sure that whether you’re a “newbie” to the world of online classifieds, or a veteran, that you know how to stay safe when transacting online.

eBay Classifieds has a detailed Help Center to inform you on how to stay safe when using eBay Classifieds (or any other classifieds site). Although we offer a free site for both buyers and sellers to use, we do care about your safety and take measures to prevent fraud from coming on to our site. However, we are not perfect and sometimes those bad guys make it through. Please see the tips below to help you understand recourse when using our site, tips for transacting, and what to look out for when dealing with a buyer or seller.

eBay Classifieds – Tips for Staying Safe Online

Some key points:

1. eBay Classifieds International Limited, eBay, PayPal or any other company does not offer any sort of buyer protection programs or secure payment systems for eBay Classifieds items. Any emails or web sites that refer to these programs are scams, even if they may have the eBay Classifieds logo. If you receive any emails promoting these services, please forward the email to our spoof handlers at:

2. Ensure that all transactions take place locally and in-person.

3. Never send or wire money to sellers or buyers. This includes mailing a check or using payment services like Bidpay, Western Union or Money Gram to pay for items found on eBay Classifieds. If a buyer sends an “overpayment” and asks that you send the difference back to them via a check/money order, this is a scam.

4. Do not give out personal or banking information (e.g. social insurance number, bank account number) over the Internet.

5. Inform eBay Classifieds of any attempted fraud or suspicious emails, Ads, or other activity by community members. In case of fraud, file a police report and contact us.

6. Last but most importantly: Use common sense! If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

And remember if at any time you feel something doesn’t seem “right” and question whether the buyer or seller is authentic you can always reach out to our Customer Support staff for guidance. Your safety is very important to us and we can help you make an informed decision. We are available 24/7 and will often respond to your email within 12 hrs or less.

So stay safe and happy hunting!