Alternative celebrations for Halloween

Pumpkin farm and hay ride

While many families enjoy Halloween many choose to ignore the holiday for personal reasons. At the heart of the night no matter how you choose to celebrate, families want to create happy memories and traditions for their family to enjoy year after year. Fall is an exciting time of year with changing weather, paint pallet foliage, switching into warmer clothes and best of all fall lends itself to a myriad of family friendly activities.

Our favorite night of the week is Friday Night is Family Game Night. With a little imagination this theme can be expanded into a full fledge yearly celebration. What does your family love to do?

  • Pick apples from a local orchard.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch.
  • Put on your hiking boots, take a fall picnic to a nearby forest and gather beautiful leaves and twigs for art projects.
  • Hay ride followed by a cook out complete with a sing along. Don’t forget to bring along songs printed for everyone out and musical instruments.
  • Create your own fall festival! Decorate with hay, pumpkins and corn stalks and have games set up for family and friends to play. Be sure to use those apples you picked for bobbing.
  • Remember loved ones who have passed by taking fall bouquets and candles to the cemetery. While there tell warm loving stories about the person whom you are honoring.

Parents want to build strong bonds with their children. Form family traditions each member of the family looks forward to and misses if they don’t happen.

When Jack asks me why people do things differently from us or why do some people celebrate different holidays than we do, I don’t think he wants a long drawn out explanation. I tell him people are like a ginormous patchwork quilt. Each square is different and beautiful and when the quilt is all put together it is even more beautiful. And wouldn’t the quilt be boring and not so pretty if all the squares were exactly the same? It’s the same with people.

What fall celebrations do you embrace and how do you celebrate?