Things that go bump in the night

Spookily Delicious

Halloween is creeping closer and the family wants some action! No run-of-the-mill ordinary entertainment, food and decorations for us. We like crazy fun décor, scary eats and spooky activities. Where to find different ghoulishly delicious ideas in one place? eBay Classifieds! Eek-O-friendly costumes and homemade costume ideas can get you started. Then head to your eBay Classifieds homepage for “witchever” else you need to make your night the most frightening.

 Fall festivals and Harvest fairs will delight those        

who prefer a more tame fall experience.


Haunted Houses are waiting for you little dearie.

Let them entertain you in a spook spectacular way.




Arachnid friendly decorations- Cozy up to dangling 

black and orange eight-legged creatures. We promise

they won’t bite. Find amazing decorations for your event in the Events and Occasions section of eBay Classifieds.

Catering and Desserts

Even skeletons and zombies get a little hungry.

eBay Classifieds has an eerie number of minions who

will make you food!

Post your own Halloween event on eBay Classifieds. It is quick and easy:

  1. Click the orange “Post your free ad” button on the top right corner of eBay Classifieds home page.
  2. Click Announcements in the Community section
  3. Fill in the information
  4. Add lots of pictures
  5. Preview your ad
  6. Confirm your ad via email


Halloween is bone-rattling fun for everyone. eBay Classifieds is here to help with the simplest ideas to elaborate masquerade balls.

Does your family do the traditional Trick or Treating or do you do something a little different? Let us know!