Ghoulish Halloween Costumes


We love really making Halloween come alive, like a zombie clawing up through the dirt.

Rummaging through the garage for Halloween props and ornaments, decorating the lawn with ghosts, goblins and headstones, covering the shrubs with spider webs, and topping it off with spooky music to greet visitors. Getting ready for the big night is at least half the fun.
Which is certainly true when it comes to costumes. Little kids, big kids, and even (especially?) adults can hardly wait to put their costume together.

We’ve scoured eBay Classifieds to find some awesome outfits from all over the country, so you can find inspiration. Who knows? You may even be able to walk down the street to pick up your perfect costume.

Medieval Style Dress – A classy and sultry number, best used in homage to that Disney classic, the Evil Queen. Carry a mirror under one arm and a basket of apples on the other for maximum sinister points.

Get this dress from the Northeast Ohio Everything Else category.

Alien Costume – Standing at over 10 feet tall, this costume is out of this world. If your get-ups have been under par the last few years, maybe it’s time to pull it out the bag with this incredible outfit.

You can get this alien from the Miami Area Everything Else category.

ButterflyThe butterfly knows how to make an impact in the natural world, and this costume certainly gives you the chance to imitate! This outfit is made up of seven separate parts, but you’ll want to get hold of some face paints for full effect.

This exotic butterfly is available in Bay area Baby & Kid Stuff.

Female NinjaWho said ninjas had to be inconspicuous? This costume even comes with a toy dagger, although concealing it about your person might be tricky. Never mind; you’ll knock’em dead in this outfit anyway.

This costume can be yours if you browse in Detroit Clothing and Accessories.

Monkey – Turn heads with this cheeky costume. An organ grinder’s cape and hat is included with the outfit, so for full effect, you might want to find yourself a 19th century street performer to accompany you to your party.

You can snap this up if you look in Los Angeles Clothing and Accessories.

Hooded Cape – This has to one of the most versatile Halloween outfits around. A quality cape like this can be used for anything from a creepy Death costume, to a full-on vampire or witch. What’s more: it’ll keep you toasty warm when you venture out on All Hallows’ Eve.

Looking in Dallas Retail & Merchandise? Then this cape can be yours.

Jack In The BoxThere’s nothing more attention-grabbing than a giant walking fast food mascot, and these Jack In The Box heads testify to that!

Quite a few Jack in the Box heads are on sale in the Los Angeles Arts and Crafts section.

Queen and King of Hearts – This is a wonderful idea for a multi-person themed outfit; you could populate an entire deck! This particular couple’s costume features a sexy Queen of Hearts get up and a homemade King of Hearts outfit.

You can purchase these costumes by looking in Miami Clothing and Accessories.

Children’s Outfits Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to dress your children in some enchanting outfits. A caterpillar, beaver, and lion are all on offer, so don’t miss the chance to get some memorable snaps!

This lion outfit and the beaver costume are on sale in Detroit Baby & Kid Stuff, and the caterpillar outfit is available from the Oregon Coast Baby & Kid Stuff category.

Pets’ Outfits – If you don’t want your pets to miss out on the fun, fear not! There are plenty of ideas around for crazy animal costumes, and on the off chance you’re going to a Halloween party with your horse, check out this spectacular Arabian number!

This horse costume is available in New Hampshire Pets Accessories. If you live in Dallas, you can look in Dallas Clothing and Accessories for the ad selling other pet costumes.

If somehow these don’t inspire you, you can always check out the many other Halloween costumes we have.

So what are you going to be wearing on All Hallows’ Eve? Let us know in the comments!