Homemade costume ideas

Easy to make wings!

Halloween is our very favorite holiday! The decorations both inside and out, spooky parties, scary stories and the big night — Oct. 31 — we love it all.

All except deciding on the costume. Next to my wedding dress, I’ve never spent as much time pondering, planning and agonizing over what to wear for one night. We start talking about everyone’s costume in September. This year, I vow all costumes will be put together the week before Halloween so I’m not running frantically through the house 30 minutes before we head out the door for trick or treating looking for that perfect costume.

We’ve decided to make our costumes this year and with six people in the house, costumes must be fun fast and easy to put together.

Cat and Brian

Cupcakes — Angel food and devil food chocolate cupcakes to be exact. Start with two plastic laundry baskets, Cut the bottoms out so you can put your feet though, cover with aluminum foil, make suspenders out of ribbon matching color of your either white or dark brown sweat suit. Spray-paint cotton filler, white or brown, to put around the top of cupcake. When dry, hot glue brightly colored shapes of felt or construction paper for the sprinkles. Yes, Brian is a good sport!

The four year old

Box of popcorn- Find a box to fit his body, cut a hole in the top for his head and two holes for arms and cut off the bottom. Paint the box white, when dry add vertical red stripes made out of poster board. Cover the top with glue and cover with popcorn. Wear a red sweat suit. Try not to eat your costume!

The 6 year old

I’ve always loved the California grape costume where you pin dozens of purple grapes all over a green or purple sweat suit. Here’s an easier variation: Get big clear plastic garbage bags. Fill two with 7” purple balloons, tape the sides together, gather the tops so you have ruffles at your neck and wear like a hotdog roll. Paint your face and hands purple. The Smart Moma.com has non-toxic homemade makeup and edible goop (for wounds and warts) recipes.  For a fun change-up, use colored balloons and be a bag of jelly beans!

The 8 year old

Butterfly — So pretty and fun to make! You need 18-gauge wire cut into four pieces, panty hose, ribbon, glue and embellishments. Shape two wires into the top part of wings secure with black tape and two wires to form bottom part of wings and secure with black tape. Cover each section with panty hose and tie off where sections will later be taped together. Use colored hair spray on wings if desired, glue embellishments and secure all parts together with the tape. Sew ribbon onto wings to make arm loops.

The 11 year old

Head on a silver platter. Cut out a square of heavy cardboard. Cut hole in the middle just big enough for his head. Cover with table cloth and cut hole in the middle, glue on silver plastic platter in the middle again cut hole for his head to pop through. At the last minute, we will glue parsley around the “head.” Glue on a couple of place settings of plastic dishes, and glasses.

Thinking and planning ahead is the key to all these projects. I have all the necessary items together before we start, then each kid has their night to make their costume. This special time together is rewarding beyond measure. And please remember to recycle.

What is your favorite Halloween costume to make?

Happy Halloween!

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