Eek – o – Friendly Halloween Ideas

The cat's meow costume!

Green Halloween? You bet! Ghoulish amounts of costumes, yard decorations and party trash are headed to landfills right after Halloween. But now, the little ghosts and princes in our home are learning better ways to protect our environment.

This weekend instead of our Friday Night is Game Night activities, we’re having a family fun night to come up with frightfully clever ideas to nail down the waste monster at our haunted house.

This year, conjure up fun, green, easy-to-make costumes.

  • Check out eBay Classifieds garage sales for boo-tiful and tricky pieces of clothing and knick knacks for costumes and decorations.
  • Wear all green clothing to “go green for Halloween.”
  • Be a “green house”! Draw the front and back of a house on cardboard, color with non-toxic green paint and wear like a billboard.
  • Dress in all white and wear a “carbon footprint”. Draw a giant footprint on two pieces of cardboard, color with non toxic black paint, paint toenails orange and add a jeweled toe ring for a little flash. Wear like a billboard.
  • “Green party” is my favorite. Put together a green turtleneck and leggings, shiny green party hat (make your own), a boa made of leftover party ribbon, add already owned dazzling costume jewelry put on a big smile and you ARE the green party!
  • Organize a costume swap.
  • If you run out of time, you can still be eek-o-friendly. eBay Classifieds has cauldrons full of costumes.
  • Mark Thompson says, “Many kids keep their Christmas stockings in storage, and we can do the same with Halloween trick or treat bags.” While I would definitely NOT needlepoint a trick or treat bag, have kids create their own.

HallowGreen Party

  • Start with Green in mind.
  • eBay Classifieds is all for clearing out clutter. Saving and reusing party decorations, accouterments and costumes is not creating clutter; rather you’re not filling landfills.
  • Look for cutlery and dishes at garage sales to use for parties. No more plastic forks or paper plate waste.
  • eBay Classifieds ambassador Sommer Poquette of has tips for making your own decorations.
  • Serve candy made from local confectioners.
  • Green conjures up green party activities.
  • Recycle bottles, cans and paper.

Brewing up eek-o-friendly Halloween ideas is frightfully fun! Our family is bewitched with this night and our family fun night is a perfect way to open the creaky door of conversation with the kids about Halloween being a wild and crazy night AND we can still be conscious of our carbon footprint-that has orange polish and a toe ring.