Help kids stay fashionable and functional throughout the school year

Smiles all around with a computer from eBay Classifieds

Summer’s in the rear view mirror and winter is just around the corner. Kids are going to need new fashionable clothes, sporting equipment, updated computers and other techie gadgets. eBay Classifieds is the safe family friendly local classifieds where your kids can find what they want at affordable prices.

Make a plan with your kids to figure out everything they’ll need over the next few monthsthen chip away at the list. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage your kids in the purchasing process by having them pay for or contribute to buying items with their allowance and to have some control over the decision making process.

Lori Mackey of Prosperity for Kids and recent host of eBay Classifieds Twitter chat “Teaching Children the Value of Money” says  “Children will spend money 3 times as fast if it’s their parent’s money versus money they that they have earned and call their own.” Here’s to starting an allowance right now! For more details how to help kids with saving, giving and spending money, be sure to visit Lori’s site.

Computers & Tech

Many students need a computer to do required research for papers and other projects. Also, some teachers will allow pupils to email questions and send in homework. While students can go to the library for internet access, if they work after school the library may be closed before they can get there. eBay Classifieds’ selection of desktop and laptops is great so take a look.

Sporting Goods

I went through soccer, baseball, skiing and ballet before climbing on my first pony and falling in love. I had found my sport, leaving lots of sports and dancing equipment in my wake. Trying on different activities is like trying on different coats — you have to find the perfect fit! eBay Classifieds makes sure when your kids are finding sporting equipment for their next adventure, the site is easy to navigate and they are safe to see all the ads.

Clothing and Accessories

Teens crave their own style of clothes so don’t even think about going out and buying anything without explicit notes and pictures. Better yet, let them surf up a storm on eBay Classifieds Clothing and Accessories category. Designer jeans, boots, sweaters, coats, scarf and the all-important, hold-everything you-could-live-out-of-here-for-a-week purse.

Kids love being independent. eBay Classifieds nurtures this spirit by allowing them to actively peruse our site finding all kinds of great stuff. You can rest easy knowing they’re not cruising the mall because they’re safe at the computer in the next room!