How to Organize a Kids’ Clothes Swap Meet

Clothing swap meet

Photo courtesy of Frugal Fashionista

What could be more fun than getting clothes for the kids and yourself for free? Clothes swapping events are gaining popularity across the country because they are relatively easy to set up and the rewards are tremendous. As organizing fall and winter clothes gets into full swing, see what events are taking place near you..

Swapping events can be as simple as sending out an Evite or Facebook invite to a few friends for a fun evening of swapping and hors d’oeuvres to a town event where dozens of people participate. Whichever type of swap meet you have, here are some tips to get you started.


  1. Event date
  2. Invitation list: neighbors, coworkers, mommy groups.
  3. Location: Living room, driveway or a room in a community center?
  4. Items to swap: Kids clothes, adult clothes or both?
  5. Rules of the swap? If you bring five items, you can take five items or will it be a free-for-all? What is the process if two people want same article of clothing?
  6. Are you charging an entrance fee to cover a possible room charge or to donate to a charity?
  7. Who will be in charge of refreshments?
  8. What will happen to left over clothes? If they are going to a charity, which one and who will take them there?


  1. Planning a big event? Spread the word! eBay Classifieds community section is the perfect place to start (don’t forget to add pictures). Remember your eBay Classifieds ad can easily be sent to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also, add swap information to your blog, mommy group email, newsletters and community bulletin boards in grocery stores if you want to attract a large crowd.
  2. If the place you’re having the swap doesn’t have a dressing room and mirror, set up a makeshift room and bring a full length mirror.
  3. Tell swappers to bring tarps or tables.
  4. Tell swappers that items must be clean, stain free and in good condition.
  5. Have swappers organize clothes by  gender and sizes.

Whether a big or small event, swapping clothes can be fun and more importantly your family may be sporting new outfits all fall and winter at no cost. What could be better than that?

Have you ever been to a swap meet? What worked and what didn’t?