Sharing eBay Classifieds at Type A Mom

Cindy Schultz of The Mom Maven wins an eBay gift card from eBay Classifieds at Type A Mom

While at the Type A Mom conference last week in Asheville, N.C. with our ambassadors, the common question was “I know eBay, but what is eBay Classifieds?”

When we explain that eBay Classifieds is the family-friendly site to buy and sell things you can’t normally do through eBay (a couch or a job listing for example), the connection is immediate.

What makes eBay Classifieds different is our approach with stronger filters to help eliminate spam and fraud, making eBay Classifieds a much safer experience. The result is a family-friendly site everyone will enjoy. We also offer “View all ads” so you can see what else the seller is offering. (See our site for more features.) We’re always adding and updating features so be sure to check back often.

For more on the Type A Mom blogging conference, hear from our ambassadors Stacey Nerdin of Tree, Root and Twig; Jenn Padgett of Five Dollar Shake; and Kris Cain of Little Tech Girl .

We love the feedback we received after talking to so many new people and a few familiar faces. Please tell us about your experience if you’ve tried eBay Classifieds.