How older kids can use eBay Classifieds

Your teen can find her dream car on eBay Classifieds

Young adults leave their parents in the dust when it comes to finding their way around computers. Just ask your son or daughter about the nine different levels of Halo Reach (PEGI 16+) then try not to go glassy eyed as Master Chief takes center stage and Spartans cause chaos.

Then the time comes for high school and college students to use their computers for real life: finding a job, a car, an apartment and furniture. Parents can help by texting, tweeting, Facebooking and emailing their kids about eBay Classifieds-the one-stop shop, which includes:

JOBS eBay Classifieds makes job hunting easy. After going to your city’s eBay Classifieds home page and choose a category in the Jobs section. Want to narrow the hunt to entry level jobs? Click Jobs, in the “What are you looking for?” box type in entry level put in your zip code then choose your miles radius from the drop down menu.

CARS What did your first car mean to you? Being able to hang with friends, going to the movies or the freedom to do what you wanted? I envisioned myself off-roading in a lifted souped up 1993 black Toyota pickup. When it came time to actually buy a vehicle, as long as it had four wheels and motor I really didn’t care.

How to find your ride? Go to eBay Classifieds click on Cars & vehicles, plug in the make, model, price. To refine your search put in year, mileage, your zip code and radius of your search.

APARTMENTS Even if my first apartment was in the basement of an old lady’s house, it was a castle to me! The thrill of shutting the door behind me, knowing this was my home, to clean or not clean, cook or not cook, have friends over or not; looking around and slowly realizing I missed my mom. Go to eBay Classifieds click on Housing, choose a city, price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and click GO! Soon the party’s at your place!

FURNITURE A tiny budget doesn’t mean you need to sleep on the floor in your new digs. Check out eBay Classifieds For sale section, and then click on Furniture and type in bed, sofa, table or chairs. We’ve got what you need to start you on your new adventure.

eBay Classifieds is your free, friendly and local “go to” resource for everything from jobs to silverware — the family friendly site where your young adult can freely search for their first car to first job.

By the way….what was your first car? Let us know!

It’s Classified: Jobs, Cars, Apartments or Furniture start your search here.