Introducing Gallery View

Introducing Gallery View

Today we’re introducing gallery view for eBay Classifieds. This means that as a buyer you will be presented with several images of ads immediately. Not only is this a far richer experience than the search listing page, it actually empowers you with more choices.  As a buyer, you’ll be able to more easily compare the ads and filter based on the most recent, highest or lowest price.

Think of the gallery page as a shop window to the items you’re looking for in that category.

As a seller, gallery view means your ad is far more likely to be listed on the first page the buyer sees, which improves the chances of you receiving a reply and will make your ad stand out from your competition.

Now more than ever the benefits of posting an ad with a quality photo is apparent for all to see.

Check out our video about the Gallery View!  We hope you this new feature means additional success for you when buying or selling!