eBay Classifieds Your “Go To” Resource

Karate Lessons

eBay Classifieds is your free, friendly and local place to buy and sell everything from antiques to videos. And right below the “For Sale” section of the home page are several resources to make life a little more simple. With back to school in mind let’s check out our Community and Service sections.

Community section

Would I like to split myself into two or three? Ha! Who wouldn’t? Getting everyone where they need to be on time in the mornings and afternoons is crazy. Here’s where planning and organizing is essential and eBay Classifieds is here to help.

After figuring out work, school, tutor, game and lesson times and locations, head to the eBay Classifieds Community Section and check out the Carpool & Rideshare heading. You may find the carpool just right for you and if not, post a description of when and where you need carpooling and the perfect person may be a phone call away.

Jack’s school is over at 2 p.m.; my job finishes at 5 p.m. Sound familiar? eBay Classifieds Childcare & Babysitting section may hold the answer to finding the balance between excellent day care and your budget. I know if Jack is in a safe fun after-school program, my mind is at ease while I’m at work. Finding the perfect situation is not always easy and we take all the help we can get. Your local eBay Classifieds Childcare & Babysitting section may have several in-home and nanny services to choose from.

Services section

Many kids need tutoring from time to time. Among the wide assortment of eBay Classifieds services, Lessons & Tutoring is where you’re going to find math, languages from Arabic to Vietnamese, reading and SAT tutors ready to help your student succeed in school. Don’t let your child fall behind when help is right at hand.

You child wants to take what kind of lessons? eBay Classifieds is flush with after school lessons: swimming, tennis, piano, martial arts, and just about any activity your child is keen to learn. eBay Classifieds is the place to start the search!

eBay Classifieds is your “go to” resource for your back to school needs, from buying back packs, finding a carpool, child care and tutors stop here first.

It’s Classified: Carpool Day Care Lessons and tutoring