eBay Classifieds, Facebook & Twitter Come Together!

eBay Classifieds Facebook & Twitter come together

One good thing leads to another, and eBay Classifieds with Facebook and Twitter leads to success. After using eBay Classifieds iPhone app or the homepage to upload an ad, you wish even more people could see your listing. Wish no more because once you confirm your ad via your email you are given an option to add your eBay Classifieds ad to your Facebook page, Twitter account and several other social networks!

Our goal of being your preferred free, friendly and local classifieds site is that we want to have your ad in front of as many eyes as possible. Facebook and Twitter are a direct link to people you know, which is a great audience to let know your little one has outgrown the crib you so lovingly purchased a few years ago and is available to a new home.

Speaking of Twitter…only 140 characters and there’s so much to say! Have you ever wondered how people can get so much information into such a small space? Aside from making up and abbreviating words, a service to shorten URL’s comes shining through: bit.ly shortens, shares and tracks your links for your Twitter updates.

I tweet several times a day to let people know what’s happening in the eBay Classifieds world and tweet about interesting items people post on eBay Classifieds like gorgeous 20’ iMacs. Say you want to tweet someone about the eBay Classifieds blog post regarding Facebook connect. The link to this is:


Definitely not fitting into the Twitter box. Rather copy and paste into a bit.ly box and it looks like:


I can even customize it to look like:


eBay Classifieds is all about making your experience with us quick easy and efficient. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our service. Do you have a favorite word abbreviation? Let us know and see if we can figure it out.

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